Monday, August 17, 2009

Teething and Chewing

Yeah...Mr Penguin is Cooper's most fav toy...we dont know why,he's so crazy about that toy,he keeps chewing and chewing it most nights...don't ask the smell....oooowww yeah stink!stink!stink!...we cant wash it because he'd get mad.He loves this stinky toy so bad.
We sometimes think maybe because the colour is exactly the same as his(except the pink winter hat HaHaHa) he kinda thinks(might be)he's the penguin...HaHaHa

Cooper is almost 7years old now(right on 18th October'09) but he still acts like a puppy.He still loves to chew his toy.Well the need to chew will remain as the dog matures.

Chewing can be fatal for the dog should ever bite on an electric cord or poisonous plants,as dogs often attracted to them by the smell or appearance.But thanks God,he is smart enough to not doing that.

Teething and Chewing are the main problem esp when u just got a puppy no matter what breed.So owners should be aware and prepare for it.
There is no simple,foolproof method exists to stop dog from chewing.The best course is prevention.Give the dog a supply of suitable chew objects and let it know exactly what MAY and MAY NOT be chewed.If you catch the dog with a forbidden object in its mouth,remove it immediately from the dog's clutches,shake it in front of the dog's head and tap it as you say NO! in a stern voice.If it happens again,add a quick nonviolent shake of the neck to your connection to shock the dog not injure it.Replace the forbidden object with something the dog is allowed to chew.
While the dog is teething it will need to chew.The need to chew will continue even after the first teeth are shed.Confine the dog when it can't be supervised and here we go,it's the time chew toy plays the role.Always supply your dog with suitable chew toy!
(Resource from the book Siberian Husky by Kerry Kern)


Yvonne said...

Ha..ha...I can imagine Mr. Penguin smell !!

Mariah Blum said...

I think Cooper’s crazy about Mr. Penguin ‘cos his coat somewhat looks like a penguin. Anyway, isn’t it adorable for him to still act like a puppy, so full of life, despite his age? I think, just as long as he chews only the things he is allowed to chew, everything is good. How’s he doing now? :]